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Home » How To Do Firefly Pose Or Tittibhasana And Its Benefits

How To Do Firefly Pose Or Tittibhasana And Its Benefits

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How To Do Firefly Pose Or Tittibhasana And Its Benefits

Tittibhasana is a Yoga posture that derives its name from the tiny glowing fireflies, and people fondly name it the Firefly pose, which has become a universal name. A close study of the Yoga posture should help you understand the relevance of the English name.

A side view of a person performing the posture with extended legs in the front has enough resemblance to the firefly’s tiny antennae, while the head and torso are comparable to the insect’s body and neck (thorax). With a little imagination, you should even find it easy to compare the performer’s hip to the insect’s abdomen, especially when the person tries to lift and balance the body upon two hands while pushing the hip backward.

Besides the physical comparison of the Yoga pose with fireflies, there is an internal connection too. Like fireflies that glow from within, the Tittibhasana helps you to bring out your inner shine by harnessing your energy.

The basics of the Firefly posture

The firefly yoga pose is a display of arm balance and targets the upper body or torso.

You will need a lot of patience and practice before you can perform the pose accurately and with confidence. The posture is highly challenging, physically and mentally, as you try to bring out your inner glow while achieving perfection in complex arm balancing.

The balancing posture requires proper assimilation of strength, flexibility, and trust while staying mentally ready to fall, as it would require numerous attempts to successfully keep the body suspended in the air and supported on the hands with the legs spread in the front.

The posture tests your patience and perseverance, which improves with time as you try to do better after each failed attempt. At the same time, you learn from your mistakes and appreciate the improvements that give you the confidence to do better and better until you attain perfection.

Start preparing

Since the firefly yoga pose is one of the most challenging Yoga poses, beginners should have enough mental and physical strength to cope with the learning process. Taking small steps at the beginning with a focus on improving arm strength should help familiarize yourself with the pose gradually.

As you build your arm strength, you can try to get as close as possible to the actual pose by spreading your legs to 90 degrees by sitting flatly on the floor. Raise each heel onto a block and position your palms facing downward on the floor while placing your hands between the legs. It should help to develop more flexibility in the body. The initial step should prepare you to gradually follow the instructions given below for successfully performing the Tittibhasana yoga pose.

A step-by-step guide to performing the firefly pose

Before doing any Yoga pose, you should warm up your body with some core work, child’s pose, and cat/cow pose. Do some forward bends with legs spread wide apart so that your body stays tuned for performing the subsequent steps smoothly.

  1. Stand erect with arms on the side and looking in the front with the toes pointing slightly outward and knees bent slightly. Maintain a distance of 18 inches between your feet (for a person of average size), and it can vary according to the body size. Gradually, bend your body forward (forward bend position) while keeping the knees slightly bent.
  2. Keep bending and stop when your shoulders are under your knees for which you might even bend your knees a little more. If you are unable to bring your shoulders down to the knees, the upper arms touching the thighs will also do.
  3. While in this position, clasp your right calf with your right hand by passing it through the legs while placing your right shoulder behind the right knee. Touch the floor with the palm of your right hand, facing down, and placing it behind the heels.
  4. Repeat the process for your left hand.
  5. Tilt your chest forward and gradually lower your legs to brush the outside of your upper arms.
  6. Inhale deeply and while lifting your feet off the mat supported by your hands, stretch the legs in the front with your feet flexed or pointed.
  7. Stay in this position for at least 15 seconds, and gradually bring down your feet to the floor while exhaling.

Benefits of Tittibhasana or Firefly Pose

By stretching the groin and torso, the firefly pose tones the belly while strengthening the arms and shoulders.

The pose improves body balance while calming the mind and creating a mental balance that helps to radiate your inner glow like fireflies.

Do not practice the pose post-surgery or pregnancy until you recover fully. Refrain from practicing if you have any bodily injury.