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Renowned Yoga Training Centre In Rishikesh

Rishikesh Adiyogi is a Yoga Training center in Rishikesh India, and is Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance USA. Our aim is to deliver yogic education to the mankind to bring them in spiritual path by teaching them the science of yoga & meditation.

We understand the fact that, to make a skilled Yoga Teacher, it requires a highly qualified, experienced & certified yoga instructor/ teacher. Therefore Rishikesh Adiyogi has Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers  by Yoga Alliance, who have many years of experience in teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa ,Iyengar, Hatha yoga principles, and are also well versed with English.

Best Yoga School In Rishikesh India

Rishikesh Adiyogi has been making yoga begginers into Pros by its unique strategy & methodology of teaching yoga science. With us you do not only learn the mudras, kriya, dhayana, asanas, but also you learn how to structure your own class & teaching methods. Unlike other centers, Rishikesh Adiyogi only focuses on making you an expert at yoga asanas and enhancing your yoga teaching skills, ethics & protocols.

Rishikesh Adiyogi Yoga School

Rishikesh Adiyogi, the word ADIYOGI is another name of lord shiva, adiyogi is an originator of yoga. Adiyogi teaches us that the best way to get into intense yoga is to become oblivious first. Hence why, at our yoga training center in Rishikesh, we have created such an ambience that keeps you away from all the chaos and lets you find peace & eternal bliss, and that’s exactly what is required to learn yoga or practice yoga.

Yoga means awakening your inner self & advancing your body spiritually. Our prime mission is to teach our students the methods and arts of ancient yoga & strategic yoga teaching skills, so that your aim of becoming an expert yoga teacher is mitigated.

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Anoop Purohit : Best Yoga Teacher In Rishikesh


Anoop Purohit – born and raised in Rishikesh, India. He is a true Adiyogi follwing (referred to as “the first Yogi Shiva”) who is a great and genuine example of living by Yoga philosophy principles since he started practice of Yoga in 2000, now being E-RYT 500,YACEP certified with Yoga Alliance. He trained in Pune at Iyengar’s institute,     Bangalore Swami Vivekananda Yoga University,  he learnt from many Masters of Iyengar Yoga. Anoop’s teaching style is rooted in traditional Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, and his classes are reflecting strong sense of discipline in traditional Yoga teachings.
Anoop travelled many countries to teach Yoga, like: China, Thailand, Honk- Kong,Singapore,Bali,Viyatnam,Malaysia to name a few, where he taught , Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Anatomy with correct body alignments and adjustments.
Anoop links Asana (physical posture), Pranayama (breathwork), Dhyana (meditation) with elements of the strong discipline of Yogic ancient scriptures, which allow you to dive deep into the Yoga world.
His focus is on the deep methodology of Asana, unravelling new philosophical reasons why to practice Yoga postures as well as the therapeutic aspects of performing and teaching Asana.
Anoop’s Yoga anatomy classes are strongly focused on the search of individual and optimal body alignment, very often propped up with Yoga equipment helping you on your unique Yoga journey.
His classes will leave you with plenty of creative ideas on how to use Yoga props on your individual Yoga journey and in your Yoga teaching. Be sure you will be aligned in your Yoga posture the way you have never experienced before.

Anoop Purohit

Professional & Traditional Yoga Trainer

Trained With Experienced Yoga Teacher And Get yoga alliance Certified RYT

Rishikesh Adiyogi understands that to make a skilled Yoga teacher we required  a skilled yoga instructor . 


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