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100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh, India (100 Hours YTTC)

This 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course (100 Hours YTTC) by Rishikesh Adiyogi is for people who want to start their career in yoga or practice yoga to strengthen the body & mind. This 100 Hours Yoga course is tailored to nourish & nurture inquistive people to become registered yoga teacher. This course is the begining for making you a successful yoga teacher & also enable you to become RYT200, RYT300, RYT500.

This course teaches you about the origins of yoga, what yoga is, & its asanas, techniques and a lot other aspects. To make your learning fun Rishikesh Adiyogi has also added River Rafting, Trekking, Ayurveda Massage in the course.

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course's Features:

Rishikesh Adiyogi, Registered Yoga School by Yoga Alliance USA, has strategically designed its 100 Hours YTTC to give you maximum results.


  • Guru bhrama guru visnhu..
  • yogena chitasya padena vacham...
  • Asto Ma Sadgamya...
  • Om Bhu Bhurawa...


  • origin of yoga & evolution
  • yoga in your daily life
  • hath yoga pardipika
  • introduction of yoga sutra patanjali
  • five basic elements & senses


  • Asthanga yoga(yama ,niyama)
  • Asthanga yoga (asana pranayama ,partihara,dharna, dhyana,samadhi)

    Anatomy & physilogy (sharir vijnan)

  • body system & organ)
  • nadis
  • nervous system
  • chakras
  • digestive system
  • respiratory system

    Hatha Yoga (asana):

    The students will get knowledge & gain strength ,alignment,flexibility and discipline through yoga postures. Hatha yoga asanas.

  • Adjusting,alignment ,assists following these posture.
  • Surya namskar (sun salutations)
  • parivarta trikonasana
  • ardhchandrasana
  • pawanmukta asanas series
  • tadaasana
  • uttkatasana
  • shirshasana
  • vrikshasana
  • triyaktadasana
  • virbhadharasana I
  • katichakeasana
  • trikonasana
  • virbhadharasana II

    Asthanga vinyasa yoga

  • suryanamskar A
  • padanghuthanasana
  • parsarita parsvotthanasana(abcd)
  • uttakatasana
  • purvittanasana
  • marchayasana(abcd)
  • sarvangasana
  • suryanamskar B
  • padhastasana
  • parsvotthanasana
  • virbhdharasana(a b)
  • ardhbadha padmauttanasana
  • navasan
  • shirshasana
  • utthitha trikonasana
  • utthitha Parsvakonasana
  • Ek pada padunghsthansana(abc)
  • dandasana
  • triyang mukhpidasana
  • badhakonasana(abc)
  • padmaasana
  • Parrivarta trikonasana
  • parivarta parsavakonasana
  • ardhbadha padmottanasana
  • paschimottanasana
  • Janushirshasana(abcd)
  • upavishtkonasana(ab)
  • savasana

    Pranayama (breathing exercises). (week 1)

    Pranamaya is a breathing technique and it’s used for meditation (dhyana) It’s make healthy our respiratory system, body and mind.

  • what is Pranamaya & meaning .
  • nadi Sodhana pranayama
  • benifits of pranayama practice.
  • chakras
  • sitting postures for pranayama.
  • types of breathing

    Pranayama (breathing exercises). (week 2)

  • Surya Bhedan
  • ujjayi
  • Chandra Bhedan
  • sheetli
  • kapalbhati
  • sheetkari
  • bhastrika

    Pranayama (breathing exercises). (week 2)

  • Surya Bhedan
  • ujjayi
  • Chandra Bhedan
  • sheetli
  • kapalbhati
  • sheetkari
  • bhastrika

    Meditation (Dhyana).

    Meditation is a regular and systematic practice to gain yourself mental ,emotional &spiritual to day by day and reach to samadhi( the self realization).

  • om meditation
  • cyclic meditation
  • trataka
  • key point for developing concentration.
  • silence meditation
  • breathing awareness

    Yoga cleansing (Shatkarma).

  • shatkarma is one kind of removing mucous from our body and open our all energy channel .
  • jal neti
  • kapalbhati
  • rubber Neti
  • vaman dhoti

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course's Rules:

Rishikesh Adiyogi strongly believes that, to become a yoga teacher one should stick to some principles & rules while pursuing the Yoga Teacher Training Course. Hencewhy we have set some rules for the students, so that together we can continue making you an expert yoga teacher.

1. The Class starts early in the morning.

2. Good behaviour is expected during the course.

3. The fees of the course will not be refunded.

4. Smoking, Drinking , littering, Non-Vegetarian food is not allowed at the Rishikesh Adiyogi's premises.

100 Hours (YTTC)

Know the fees & available dates of the course

Rishikesh Adiyogi has created the dates for it 100 Hours yoga teacher training course in India, in a way so that people can book the course according to their availibilty.
NOTE: The certificate will also be issued at the completion of the course. The maximum seats for this course is 25. Fees for this course is $850 The booking amount for 100 Hours YTTC is $150, remaining amount shall be paid by you when you reach our premises. Please see the below mentioned dates to book this course for you according to your availability. The course includes - Accomodation for individuals & couples (Non AC Rooms), Nutritious meals 3 times a day, herbal tea, study material, tools required for the course, himalaya's sightseeing, river rafting, trekking, ayurvedic massage, free taxi service from Dehradun Airport.

100 Hours Yoga Course's Start & End Dates Bookings Open
3 Nov to 17 Nov (2018) Book Now
3 Dec to 17 Dec (2018) Book Now
3 Jan to 17 Jan (2019) Book Now
3 Feb to 17 Feb (2019) Book Now
3 Mar to 17 Mar (2019) Book Now
3 Apr to 17 Apr (2019) Book Now
3 May to 17 May (2019) Book Now
3 Jun to 17 Jun (2019) Book Now
3 Jul to 17 Jul (2019) Book Now